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Originally Posted by anixie View Post
Two options only

1) Polestar and am not sure they do the new D2 already
2) Rica, but then you have to send in your ECU for them to flash it.
There are a couple of others that offer 'generic' tunes for all PSA/Ford DLD416/DV6D powered vehicles that use the Siemens SID807Evo ECU (like the V40),

The SID807 has anti-tamper protection so it can't be reprogrammed via the diagnostic port and so the ECU has to be removed and opened up to have the flash reprogrammed on the bench.

The thing to remember is that the DV6D engine is already pretty stressed - it runs about 2bar of boost as standard, and in 2011 it was downgraded from 16V to 8V (primarily to improve the emissions, fuel consumption and of course make it cheaper) which restricts the breathing. I think remapping it to 140bhp is probably near the edge regarding reliability and durability.
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