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Originally Posted by ibmaxx View Post

I'm personally hoping the V40 will get a version of the T6 motor.
Judging from this additional news item from Caradvice, you may get your wish.

The Volvo spokesman clearly indicates the T8 plug-in will be available across the next generation 60 series and the new XC40. While not explicitly mentioning the next generation V40 this would seem to indicate the T6 twin-charged engine (which is the petrol engine used in the T8 hybrid) may find its way into the V40, probably as a range-topping Polestar model.

As for the "awards" from Wards Best Engine - despite being a Volvo tragic I really would not get too excited. The Wards Best Engine Awards are fairly meaningless. Being US-based they only apply to engines available in the US market (which eliminates almost all diesels) and have to have been released in that particular year. And there is a total of 10 engines "awarded" each year. I really don't think there's that many new engines released each year. The awards are purely based on technological innovation and don't take into account any measure of reliability or real-life fuel economy. Fairly meaningless in my eyes.

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