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Question Which V40?

Hi all,

This is my first post on the forum so please go canny. I figured this is probably the best place to ask these questions. Basically we have our hearts set on a V40, but I'm seeing a myriad of different engine combos.

Firstly, the D2. I've noted that the older models seem to have a 1.6 and the newer models have a newer Volvo 2.0 lump. Is there anything we should steer clear of? Have either of the engines and their exhausts developed any known DPF issues? I'd hate to buy a 2 year old that is going to soot up and end up costing an arm and a leg to repair.

At the minute we have our eyes set on either an R-Design, or the Cross Country. Total chalk and cheese but I really can't decide which one. I'm guessing the CC has a better resale value at the minute judging by the current prices.

Anything we should be checking when it comes to looking at a 2nd hand V40?

One last thing... is the Volvo warranty void if it comes from an independent garage rather than a 'manufacturer approved' Volvo dealership? Just wondering how the servicing and what-not works.

Many thanks,
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1. Warranty is fine from indy garage - though it may 'help' if all the servicing is from a Volvo or Ford dealer.. Mine was from a Car Supermarket of some description and have had warranty work done no problem.
2. 1.6 is a more generic Euro diesel lump - found in Peugots, Fords and several others.. tried and tested I guess..
3. 2.0 is from Volvo's own stable - there are EGR issues in the more powerful twin turbo D4 version, but none I've heard of in the D2.
4. I think the sooting up/DPF issues often depend on your regular drive. For me - its normally 80-100 miles on a motorway so no problems burning the soot out.. but if you have many smaller journeys it may be more of an issue. Though thats a generic diesel engine problem rather than a Volvo one..

The 1.6 and 2.0 drive quite differently... the 2.0 delivers its power more like a petrol engine (less low down, more up top in RPM) and the 1.6 the other way around. I personally find the 1.6 easier, but the 2.0 more fun. 2.0 is supposed to give better MPG - but not sure theres much in it.

Buzby will be along soon with some better technical info than me
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Amazingly quick response. Thanks very much for all those pointers, motmot.

We seem to be averaging 11-12k miles a year at the minute. Most of the runs will be probably 20 mile a day on national limit roads, then a good run out at weekends for an hour or so. Occassionally it will get a real good run out up north but that's likely to be once every couple of months. It's the DPF thing that really bothers me most. It's been going around my head for a while now about the D2 vs T2. There also seems to be quite a shortage of T2's up this neck of the woods (Newcastle). I can't even find one to test drive without a dealership wanting to look through figures before hand.
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Not sure how it works in the UK, but buying a diesel when driving less than 20.000 miles per year makes no financial sense in Belgium. Petrol cars tend to be quite a bit cheaper to buy.

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We have a 2.0 D2 CC automatic and have had no dpf issues it's done 23k miles in its first year, getting 50mpg average where a t2 would be nearer 30-35 mpg so it's a big difference, have been very surprised at how quick it is pulls well from 1500 revs to the recline front tyres lasted 19k miles but it gets a hard life mainly driven on country roads and towns not many motorway miles, also it's very good in forests on gravel tracks.
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having had both of the v40 1.6 d2 s, as you say they are chalk and cheese, we had the v40 cc lux first and have to say it feels a more upright car which for me seemed a bit loose on cornering and tended to make you slide on the leather seats but we had come from a scirocco with sports seats that was planted on corners so it took a bit of time to get used to its different but quite acceptable drive, we then changed to the v40 r lux we have now, and as I wrote the day after we got it, it was so much a better well planted drive, for us, I would suggest you try both as they are quite different and you need to make up your own mind as to which type suits your life style the best etc. which ever one you get enjoy it they are lovely cars.
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Originally Posted by motmot View Post
Buzby will be along soon with some better technical info than me
I think you have prerty much covered it really!

The only thing I'd add is that when I've been looking up the D4's EGR problems on foreign forums, I have seen reports of EGR failures on the VEA (the name for the new 4-cylinder engine family) D2 (mainly reported on the Dutch forums, as I think the D2 is more common there due to their tax system), though nowhere near as many as have been reported on the D4.

The Ford/PSA 1.6 DV6 engine used in the previous D2 is a proven unit (most of the reliability issues were addressed when it was redesigned from a 16V to an 8V in 2011) , though it's not without it's own issues. It doesn't tolerate neglect very well, and it's a good idea to keep an eye on the oil quality and level, especially if it's being used mostly for short trips (though at least it has a dipstick, unlike th e other diesels in the range!).

To the OP, the main reason why there are loads of D2s about and hardly any T2s is that the D2 is aimed specifically at company car users (it's built specifically to get under the 100g/km CO2 tax threshold), and company car and lease deals are a big market for Volvo.
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Petrol V40's are pretty rare.....in the three years I've had my T3, I've only seen a handful on UK roads. As Busby says, the volume market is leased D2's and D3's.
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I like my T3. My first V40 was a D3. An excellent engine, with loads of pull, although I didn't use it to its full potential. As my annual mileage is low (less than 10k) a petrol engine was the best bet. In fact the T3 has proved to be very good, although I have only done 4.6k miles. Performance is there when I need it. It is quieter , but fuel consumption is around 37mpg, compared to the 50 mpg I got from the D3.
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Thanks guys. That's been a great help deciding which one I should be looking into.

I'm kinda swaying towards the T2 now if I'm honest. I'm stepping up from a Fiesta 1.4 so I'm going to be guessing it's a significant jump lol.

Now the T2s engine variants... again 1.6 and 2.0. I see the 2.0 has a couple more HP over the 1.6 and emissions are slightly less(?). Anything to watch for with either of these variants?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure we get the right model that suits our needs (~11k miles a year, mainly A Roads).

Have a good weekend and thanks again.
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