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Angry Oh No my new R-Design is ruined :-(

We took delivery of a new R-Design 3 weeks ago with the promise the dealer would retrofit front parking sensors after delivery. They had a car in the pipeline that fitted my spec except for the front sensors so they could deliver a lot faster.

Loving the car so far even though the dealer has forgotten multiple times to call me back etc.

Yesterday it finally went in for the sensors to be fitted and I collected the car and drove away. Nobody available to show me the sensors and I was late for an appointment.

As I drove away the sensors started beeping all sorts of random tones even though there was nothing close to the car. When I stopped and checked I noticed the Volvo dealership has fitted an aftermarket system rather than retrofitting the Volvo system. This also includes a stupid looking button with a bright red light just behind the wiper controls.

When I got to my appointment I parked in a space very close to the car in front and no beeps at all!!

I'm disgusted the dealer thought it ok to fit a crappy cheap system that in no way belongs on a brand new car. The tones are nothing like the ones in the car, the centre screen in the car doesn't activate at all for the front sensors etc. and the button stuck on the dashboard looks atrocious.

I've emailed the dealer as it was 11pm when I got home and I have been in meetings all day but as yet have had no feedback.

Any advice how best to deal with this?

Also is there any way to check when the car was manufactured as the car had its pre service from a different dealership 3 months before we bought the car as brand new (according to a stamp in the service book) yet we were told it rolled off the production line only days before we took receipt?
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