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Originally Posted by denn1s View Post
How did the sale go, did you give them a spec, agree a price and then they say we can get you this car quicker we just need to retrofit the front sensors, if they did then you may have an argument.
We saw a car with another dealer which had front and rear sensors, in an effort to keep our business they offered the brand new car for more or less the same money only issue was the front sensors. They said they could easily retro fit them so it would be no problem. They knew the exact spec I wanted.

They are ringing me back tomorrow to discuss options. I fully expect them to try and bullshit their way out of it. They emailed me back earlier stating the systems had to be separate so you could identify front from rear. I mean WTF this is a major UK dealership of Volvo Hyundai and Jaguar!!
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