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  • Stueeee ·
    sorry NO that's never happened to me .
    I hope that someone else can help you though.
    good luck!
    Frans ·
    Hello, I am Frans. Bought a new V40 Nordic+ T2, model 2017 in july 2016. I live in Holland.
    Previous car was Saab9.3, 2.2 TiD
    In two months of fine driving I only had one issue. The radio (tuned on FM) stops while driving, after that navigation stops, and after some seconds the two of them resume their function (navigation takes some time to restart and has some problems finding the right coordinates, takes about half a minute). This occurs sometimes within 2 minutes, and keeps repeating then. The garage looked into in and could not see any fault. Does anyone of you recognise this bug?
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