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  1. Clearing the Satnav

    Hi, my 2013 car goes back on Friday morning (sadly ending my V40 ownership time) and I have a lot of addresses in the navigation system - how do I clear all previous and stored locations quickly and easily?
  2. New V40 on sale now

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Looks like they've dropped Rebel Blue, a real shame as that's one of the best colours.
  3. Dashboard Info

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    I wish there was a way to adjust this more as I'd like to see average mpg and range showing but they're split between two displays, so I just leave them all off :-(
  4. New V40 on sale now

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Looks like the 2016 facelift model is now being delivered, with the R Design Pro heading the range.
  5. Got car today.....but

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    If it's a showroom car then the plastic scratching was almost certainly done by the dusters they wipe the cars down in the showroom to get rid of fingerprints etc: dry duster wiping on any surface will just grind the dust particles in rather than removing them like a wet wash would, resulting in...
  6. Rev range

    Engine and Technical
    I would imagine chugging along at low revs will choke up the engine after a while, ignore the gear change indicator thing and just drive naturally!
  7. hi all looking ti buy a d2 as my 1st volvo

    Comfort in a D4 R Design is good too, the suspension isn't hard or crashy at all so don't rule that out.
  8. My V40 after ceramic paint protection applied

    Nice, how much did that cost?
  9. Radio or media turns on with ignition aaaagh!

    I couldn't see any setting either, ah well - just have to put up with it!
  10. Radio or media turns on with ignition aaaagh!

    I couldn't see anything but I'll double check now, thanks - I thought I'd asked a really daft or unanswerable question as loads looked but nobody replied!
  11. Waterless wash.

    I used to work in a dealership (Ford) years ago that sold Supaguarding for £250, I think the packs cost us about £20. Later, when I worked at BMW, it was nearer £4-£500. Looks great but phew, what a mark-up!
  12. Radio or media turns on with ignition aaaagh!

    On my 2013 D4 R Design Lux Nav whenever I either start the engine, or put the ignition on, the audio system starts automatically playing whatever was on before I turned the car off last time. Even if I turn the radio off then exit the car, or turn the volume manually right down then turn off...
  13. Cant beleive this :(

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Good answer and great knowledge but by, I had a Mazda once that did this so I ended up treating the callipers and putting red hammerite on them - a good few coats solved the problem and they looked pretty good too.
  14. Sensus navigation upgrade.

    According to Volvo here... ...navigation is part of Sensus Connect: "Sensus Connect Sensus Connect has an upgraded user interface with several innovative functions such as cloud-based services...
  15. radio button

    Problem is then that they won't be backlit at night as the light won't shine through the modelling paint.