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  1. Hi From Devon

    Welcome to the forum
  2. New to Volvo

    Very nice.
  3. V40 t3 r-design nav with winter package

    Owners' Garage
    I like the Roof spoiler and rear bumper mods :grin2:
  4. scratch in bumper

    I get so mad when people have no respect for other peoples property. I got home on Thursday, took my wife's car for the day, and my car was parked under a tree in the compound where we stay, and the maintenance people decided to cut the trees branches, letting everything fall on my car and left...
  5. Polestar Intake & Exhaust Kit for a V40 T5?

    Volvo V40 Modifications
    The Polestar exhaust sounds awesome, makes the very quiet T5 sound less like a 1200 motor. Any Polestar upgrades should not affect warranty. Did you go to East Rand Auto Baltic?
  6. Week 46 gearbox change

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hi Guys, sorry about this, was on leave with very little internet access. I have now managed to ban the user. Keep reporting the a-holes, will get to them ASAP.
  7. Neighbour bumped my car

    I got a knock on my door late at night, opened the door, there is my neighbour, telling me his wife just bumped my car. Had the car at Volvo, new bumper and fender, just waiting for Insurance dude to approve claim.
  8. New maps available for Sensus Navigation

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    I have the option to add Sensus Navigation (touch) to my T5, dealer told me it is only software upgrade and costs around 4000aed (UAE). Haven't done it yet, as I have been using google maps on my phone, and don't really see the need to spend that kind of money for something I am not really going...
  9. Some pics over the weekend

    Owners' Garage
    Nice Giant bike. I like the front bumper spoiler.
  10. Neighbour bumped my car

    So my neighbour decided I don't have enough excitement in my life, and bumped my car late at night while trying to reverse in their dedicated parking spot. :crying:
  11. I'm back!

    Welcome back, I haven't also been here for a while, started new job in the UAE, been busy. Will try and check in now and then :-)
  12. My new V40 CC D3, MY17, Ocean Race

    Owners' Garage
    Very Nice, congrats
  13. Rica Tuning for the V40

    Volvo V40 Modifications
    How is fuel consumption on RICA?
  14. Will a washing machine fit in the boot of a V40?

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    It depends on how big the washing machine is. I have a Samsung 13kg top loader, and it didn't fit in.
  15. Active tft

    You can't fit the active TFT afterwards, has be installed by factory.
  16. Finally got it

    Owners' Garage
    I am not sure if I like the new Thor's Hammer lights in the current design
  17. Remote start

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    So remote start is available for the V40. I asked the sales person here at Volvo Abu Dhabi, and he said he will have to check for me.
  18. V40 D3 Elite for Sale

    South Africa only, JHB area Selling my Volvo V40 D3 Elite, 2013 model. Serious buyers can PM me.
  19. New Site Upgrade and Look Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    The theme looks nice
  20. 15 V40 T3 R design, H&R springs, spacers ...

    Owners' Garage
    Looks very nice
1-20 of 487 Results