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  1. Caravan towing with a V40 T3 Cross Country

    The Volvo Lounge
    Anyone got any thoughts, advice or experience of towing a small caravan, circa 1200 kg, with a V40 T3 (1.5 auto) 2018 model? Don't anticipate moving it long distances, but we are in Cornwall (UK) so have a few hills! Planning to upgrade the car later in the year, so it will a temporary...
  2. Used V40 - Juddering

    Engine and Technical
    Hi everyone, my first post on here as I have only just become a Volvo owner. I have a Volvo V40 D2 1.6L Auto (MY13), it has done 64k miles. I’m absolutely in love with this car... it’s fab! However I do have a concern that I wanted some guidance with; I have read the D2 isn’t that great but I...