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  1. Introductions
    Hi I have a D3 cross country 18 reg and because of lower usage keep getting low battery messages.So I am going to but a trickle charger, any recommendations?. Also do you attach the negative connector to the battery or earth it via the engine. Any advice would be welcome TimC
  2. Engine and Technical
    For my volvo v40 (2015 manual gear), a EFB 70Ah 720 CCA battery is suggested in the specs. I was wondering whether I could install a AGM 70Ah 760 CCA instead. The price is the same, I can find better branded batteries and it seems AGM will last longer. Would AGM (instead of EFB) and a higher...
  3. Engine and Technical
    Has anyone here had their v40 main battery replaced by the dealer or any other workshop, if so how much was it (uk)
  4. Engine and Technical
    Hello, I am a brand new V40 T4 driver, my battery has unfortunately died today. i am thinking about buying a new main battery and replace it myself... is there any recommandations before doing it myself ? I am hesitating to bring it to my Volvo retailer, but I want to try it to do by...
  5. Engine and Technical
    I have a 2023 V40 D3 manual and it is a wonderful car. However, due to COVID-19 I haven't been driving very often and was only driving once a week or every other week for around 20 mins. Before lockdown, I was driving four or five times a week to work with a 20-mile commute each way on the...
1-5 of 5 Results