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  1. Engine and Technical
    Hi so I believe my brake vac hose snapped, brake pedal solid any idea the part I need to order and maybe a guide to fix would be great. Thanks guys image attached
  2. Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    A few months back I hit the mother of all potholes and it buckled my front left alloy. I got it "repaired" for £100. I was already unhappy about the repair as the heating process has 90% of the clear coat of the wheel which I wasn't warned about. Regardless I threw the wheel on and the car was...
  3. Engine and Technical
    Hi all, I just bought Volvo V40 T4 2016 I would like to order brakes set, does someone knows the sizes? And if you have a recommendation for brakes set it will be great :)
  4. Engine and Technical
    My brake pedal now is very hard to press and feels like the brakes are rubbing. But I only noticed this pipe disconnected after seeing someone else's post. Can anyone help? It's that plastic cap/connector with 34 on it. Cheers!
1-4 of 4 Results