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  1. Engine and Technical
    Hi there to all, I have the issue when start the car and releasing the clutch and just before the wheels start to roll, some weird metal sound is hearing for a second or two and stops. Also I noticed the sound when I'm going reverse. So it's noticed just when going reverse (especially expressed...
  2. Engine and Technical
    Hi I'm nothing of a mechanic myself, recently I needed to buy a private vehicle and volvo is my main brand. Unfortunately my wallet was quite flat therefore I had a look around and stumbled on this v40 of 2002. It had a few marks here and some wear there but nothing out of the ordinary. Starts...
  3. Engine and Technical
    Hi all, I have recently purchased a V40 T2 R-design, having driven a V50 for years, and really enjoy driving my new car. A couple of weeks from purchase I fell fowl of balance shaft replacement (24,000 miles on a 3 year old car, which cost the seller, £1,100 to fix via Volvo). Since before this...
1-3 of 3 Results