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  1. Automatic rev matching out of order

    Engine and Technical
    Hello everybody! My first post in this forum so I hope you can help me with this one: My D3 V40 cross country from 2014 does not rev match when upshifting, or it does sometimes. When changing to a higher gear, the car is supposed to hold the rev until the driver has shifted. But on my V40 the...
  2. Volvo Timing/ Engine issues??

    Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hello everyone! i’ve been a proud owner of a 2014 d4 for 6 months and i have absolutely loved the car!! however over the past month i’ve been having so many issues. i was driving one day and my alternator belt snapped and all was good and fine. i replaced the belt, recharged the battery but...
  3. Volvo v40 insert key message

    Engine and Technical
    Hi everyone, I bought v40 1.6d d2 with one key only. after 2 weeks of using my car, parked in garage. when comeback next day i did unlock with remote as normal but got message on dash “insert key” steering it’s locked Nothing works inside the car, I got someone to check my key or program new...
  4. Does anyone know which part(s) this is that need replacing?

    Engine and Technical
    My brake pedal now is very hard to press and feels like the brakes are rubbing. But I only noticed this pipe disconnected after seeing someone else's post. Can anyone help? It's that plastic cap/connector with 34 on it. Cheers!
  5. Crankshaft oil seal leaking

    Engine and Technical
    Anyone had this issue? The car is a V40 D4 with 57k on the clock, registered Jan 15 Bought the car 10 months old with 7k on it, main dealer serviced and well looked after. I noticed a minor leak of oil, driver side pooling on the frame. Not enough to regiter on the oil level. Took it to a...