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  1. Engine and Technical
    Hello folks, Anyone of you installed a manual short shifter for a volvo R Design D4 2015? I’m just curious if somebody installed a kit or if it’s suitable to be changed.. the long shifts are killing me. Thank you in advance! Have a good one.
  2. Engine and Technical
    I have V40 D3 cc geartronic 2014. it's now 100k km (62k miles). A mechanic just did an oil change for the transmission. but after that i feel humming sound with more vibration in the car. also i noticed that there's some sort of 1 second delay when accelerating. any idea what could it be?
  3. Engine and Technical
    Hello everybody! My first post in this forum so I hope you can help me with this one: My D3 V40 cross country from 2014 does not rev match when upshifting, or it does sometimes. When changing to a higher gear, the car is supposed to hold the rev until the driver has shifted. But on my V40 the...
1-3 of 3 Results