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  1. Interior
    Front drivers and passengers interior door handles in my 2013 T5 feel squeaky and a bit cheap. Extra noticeable because the rest of the interior feels relatively high quality. Anyone else notice this and manage to fix it?
  2. Interior
    Hallo everyone, since days are getting colder and colder i needed to turn on my heated seats. After a few minutes i Can feel the seat Gets warm but not That much warm (Hot) passenger Site is fine. I would like to fix That Problem but doesnt know where to Start. I ask My Volvo Shop about that...
  3. Interior
    Dear all, my wife presented me tonight with the parts that used to be a cup holder from the rear seat that she managed to snap off. Does anyone know if this can be replaced and if so, where can I get one from? Any pointers would be appreciated
  4. Interior
    hi, i wonder if any one can help, some of the keys on my numeric key pad have sort of melted!, the paint is coming off like they have been burnt?? not sure how this has happened? is it possible to replace the affected keys??
1-4 of 4 Results