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  1. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    I find myself using the light button on my 2015 v40 keys and I don't like the fact that the DRL don't come on when I push it. Is there any way to programme it so that the DRL come on when I push the button. Also I'm new to the community so I'm sorry if this topic has been discussed before.
  2. Exterior
    I have the R-Design version (2013) with xenon headlights. When the light switch is on automatic, during the daytime the main beams are turned on, and what I thought it was running daylights(those next to the front sensors in the front low bumper) are always turned off unless I turn the light...
  3. Exterior
    Hi to all, First of all thanks for anyone that can help me with this issue. Monday when entering the car, I've noticed that the vehicle lights were off. Only daytime lights were on. First i've looked at the switch tha could be in the wrong position but no, it was in "Auto". The high beams does...
  4. Engine and Technical
    Hello, I’ve had my v40 (16 plate) for about a year now and all of a sudden the brake light on the drivers side doesn’t work. The all the other lights on both sides work fully. Tried changing over bulbs, wiggling the bulb when someone’s got their foot on the brake, I’m completely stumped. Any...
1-4 of 4 Results