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  1. Volvo V40 Modifications
    What holds back the v40 d2 from making more power. I know the d3 and d4 are better for modifying but not a chance on insurance with them. I did read somewhere that the turbo on the d2 is only rated for 130 bhp but not sure how true it is. thanks.
  2. Volvo V40 Modifications
    My car sounds much deeper and throatier on startup but then returns to quiet as rpm decreases. I can then rev it and it still sounds quiet. I have looked for a valve actuator (opens and closes depending on rpm) but could not find one. Is there any way to permanently make it louder without...
  3. Volvo V40 Modifications
    Hi guys, Quick question. I'm thinking of changing my speedometer display from the analogue to the better looking digital display seen in the R-Designs. I have a 2015 (64 plate) registered SE model and was curious if this was actually possible?
1-3 of 3 Results