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  1. Crankshaft oil seal leaking

    Engine and Technical
    Anyone had this issue? The car is a V40 D4 with 57k on the clock, registered Jan 15 Bought the car 10 months old with 7k on it, main dealer serviced and well looked after. I noticed a minor leak of oil, driver side pooling on the frame. Not enough to regiter on the oil level. Took it to a...
  2. Low oil level Warning.

    Engine and Technical
    Bought a volvo v40 - had apparently just been MOT'd & serviced. Got 15 miles from the garage and the 'low oil level - refill 0.5 litres' appeared. Pulled over, switched off the engine and checked the oil level on the dash, below minimum but still some. Continued on the road to purchase oil & the...