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  1. Engine and Technical
    Hi folks, I had the RICA (stage2) tuning carried out on my 2017 D3 in September 2021 and recently had my vehicle in for its yearly service at a Volvo dealership. On the mention of "A software update was applied for soot reduction" I then realised it had impacted the tuning and EGR upgrades that...
  2. Engine and Technical
    Hello everyone, new member here! I drive a V40 MY13 with the older 5-pot D3 engine (D5204T6) and even though I was very happy with it around town, I found it lacked poke when accelerating to highways. So I had it upgraded to D4 power with the Rica OEM upgrade (a copy of Volvo D4 tune?) to 177hp...
1-2 of 2 Results