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  1. Engine and Technical
    Hi all Just bought myself a 2015 V40 D4. It appears to me there are 3 different specs in concerns to the D4 engine. 1st - the 5 cylinder; producing 175hp 2nd - the 4 cylinder producing 175hp 3rd - the latest, 4 cylinder producing 190hp. The first and the last generation engines make sense...
  2. Engine and Technical
    My brake pedal now is very hard to press and feels like the brakes are rubbing. But I only noticed this pipe disconnected after seeing someone else's post. Can anyone help? It's that plastic cap/connector with 34 on it. Cheers!
  3. Engine and Technical
    Hello all, I have a V40 T5 2017 and when I accelerate hard, just when the turbo/boost kicks in, I hear a weird spool sound, it is not as high pitched as the turbo normal spool and more like something making contact with another thing... sounds like something spinning as it increases in pitch as...
1-3 of 3 Results