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  1. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hi, I just want to begin with saying I put my speakers on full blast but I’ve only hd issues in my most recent volvo. Bit of background, I’ve had 3 Volvo v40s purely because I love the car and haven’t really modified my car apart from putting in the LED strip lights in the wing mirrors (which...
  2. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hello, I have a 2016 V40 D3 and recently the AUD has started playing up, I'm sourcing a new part however the supplier needs information from the old unit. Does anyone know where the AUD unit is located, under drivers seat or passenger seat? Also has anyone else had similar AUD problems? Cheers...
  3. Interior
    Hiya guys. If there is a thread already discussing this, could someone please direct that away! I have a 2002 v40 with I think it's level 2 sound, so the 80w sub in the back with its own amplifier and the 4 front end speakers in the dash and doors. My questions hopefully is a simple one, can I...
1-3 of 3 Results