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  1. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hey guys, I was looking around the market for some V40's and I found and am interested in these two options. Both of them are rather higher milage - both 160.000 km / 100.000 miles, both of them 2.0 (petrol is VEA and Diesel is 5 cyl), both manual. Was just wondering, because I'm still not...
  2. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Howzit, I'm seriously considering buying a used T3 with about 91 000km (56 000 Miles) and want to know if reliability will be a concern. I took the car on a test drive and it performs beautifully and drives smooth. Noticed a problem with the aircon not cooling properly. TIA
  3. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Really strange one, woke up this morning and my Volvo display has become mirrored? as in the text is literally backward like reading it through a mirror? I have attached a photo of the screen. I have rang Volvo but they have never heard of this happening before! I don’t know if anyone has...
  4. Wheels, Tires, and Suspension
    Hi Folks, I'm a newbie here and planning to buy a used volvo v40 which has run 45K kilometers. I took the vehicle for a professional inspection and the mechanic informed me that the current set of tyres 225/50/R17 for V40 R-Design 2018 is making the Steering harder. And due to this it could...
  5. Exterior
    Hi, just been quoted £211 each for replacement exhaust tips. Extortionate! Has anyone has any luck putting aftermarket tips on that look as OEM as possible? Pics and links would be appreciated.
  6. Engine and Technical
    I was checking the car and i got those code P000300 and P0744. does anyone got those before?
  7. Interior
    Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone can advise if the TFT cluster display can be changed from KM to Miles on a imported Volvo V40? if it can can you advise the process.
  8. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    I know that there are people who have modified the xenon lamps in the V4 to the facelift led lamps Only I don't plan to drive to Poland.... We are handy ourselves. But does anyone know what to adjust for this? The car is from 2013, and has model year 2014. Has Xenon now. And have access to...
  9. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Why is that few cars offer wireless apple carplay? I know that BMW offers wireless apple carplay. The latest NX launched by Lexus Is fully loaded with tech but still does not offer wireless CarPlay. Does anyone think it would be coming to the V40?
  10. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Was looking at a thread few months back seen someone had tuned a V40 D4 DPF + EGR DELETE new intercooler and a remap thought i would copy what he done went too a local tuner who did the work and remapped the car the first 20 minutes were great then i got a P00BC code mass air flow air too low...
  11. Engine and Technical
    Hi Everyone, I am new to the whole Volvo scene and just bought a great 2013 V40 T3 and was wondering how the over boost function works as I cannot find anything on it on google? if someone could please shed some light on this it would be much appreciated. also do the manual transmission models...
  12. Engine and Technical
    Hi All, I have a problem with my Volvo V40 d2(1.6) 2015. There is an error on the dashboard "Reduced engine performance." The error that comes up on the OBD scaner is: "ECM-P042E00 Exhaust Gas Recirculation A Control Stuck Open" I have cleaned the EGR cooler and EGR valve but it didn't...
  13. Volvo V40 General Discussion
    Hi new volvo owner here, was looking under the bonnet and couldn't find a power steering reservoir. Any ideas? Does it even have one or is it electrical? 2l diesel d2
  14. Engine and Technical
    Hi guys I have a stock 2018 Volvo V40 T3 and was wondering if anyone has installed a blow off valve on theirs? I know it's located on the hoses near the turbo etc, but does anyone know the exact location and whether its a fairly straight forward install? Any help would be much appreciated...
  15. Exterior
    Hi to all, First of all thanks for anyone that can help me with this issue. Monday when entering the car, I've noticed that the vehicle lights were off. Only daytime lights were on. First i've looked at the switch tha could be in the wrong position but no, it was in "Auto". The high beams does...
  16. Volvo V40 Modifications
    Hi! Recently bought a late 2014 V40 T2 in Rebel Blue. Really love it but sadly there were no parking sensors or Cruise Control included! I've gone to my local Volvo Specialist to get a quote for adding these on (see below) and I'm not sure if they are quoting a good deal or not! Do these...
  17. Volvo V40 Modifications
    My car sounds much deeper and throatier on startup but then returns to quiet as rpm decreases. I can then rev it and it still sounds quiet. I have looked for a valve actuator (opens and closes depending on rpm) but could not find one. Is there any way to permanently make it louder without...
  18. Interior
    Good evening, we have a Volvo v40 which suddenly has a tailgate which won’t open from the handle on the outside of the tailgate. When you press the catch it makes a noise but does not open the boot. When you push the button on the dash the boot opens as normal. Any help, advice or suggestions...
  19. Engine and Technical
    Hi guys, can anyone help me with this, or have any idea what to do/what to check? Probably a windscreen replacement would fix the problem, but I'd prefer solve this by myself.😅 (2015/12 V40 D2 R-Design) Thank you!
1-19 of 27 Results