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2014 D3 Turbo Blown. Options?

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A spate of recent issues with the D3. Turbo used to give a hiccup or bark as it kicked in but otherwise driving well.
Some months later we got lots of warnings and alerts and it refused to start (brake system failure, varous airbags, headlamps etc). ABS sensor was fixed/reconditioned and car driving again but the turbo no longer cuts in at all and performace is poor.
Air flow and actuator parts replaced, turbo cleansed. No difference. Engine service warning generally appears on the dash.
No noticeable issues with pipes/ducting so I'm assuming the turbo is now blown. I'm told ignoring this could lead to engine failure.

Is the turbo replaceable or worth replacing?
Or can the turbo be safely bypassed (accepting the loss of power) and engine service light stay off?
Other options?

Thanks in advance!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts these guys may be able to repair or replace for you - give them a call

As the cars are getting older I would look for a good independent garage that specialises in Volvo and get a quote from them - or if you feel confident try to replace it yourself.

If the turbo truly has died, then it might even be possible to get an upgraded version offering you a bit more power.
Ouch, I had my D3 Turbo replaced, but I bought genuine one from Volvo, as the Actuator was faulty, and replacing that with a different make was not an option. Car drives and feels so much better. Volvo has a replacement Turbo on the D3.
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