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Hiya guys. If there is a thread already discussing this, could someone please direct that away! I have a 2002 v40 with I think it's level 2 sound, so the 80w sub in the back with its own amplifier and the 4 front end speakers in the dash and doors. My questions hopefully is a simple one, can I put an aftermarket head unit in without any problems? I can't find anything definitive. Withought looking to in depth myself ( I have tried, maybe I'm not searching for the correct terms) I'm looking for a single din facia, and what harness I need. I have already got a Kenwood head unit from my last car. After looking at the system and how it looks like it's welded in, I don't want to change anything yet if I can help it. I'd like to see if some EQ would help me out first before commiting to replacing the speakers (instead of just bas and treb.)
Hopwing someone here can give me the magical answer that will save me a lot of fannying about.
Thanks for any help guys!
Please Mention any more info I can provide that can help with my problem.
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