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I plan to replace the vacuum pump oil connection part on my D3 (D5204T6) and to do that, I will have to remove my battery first (no space otherwise).
After the repair I will of course put back the same battery, but my question is:
how long can the main battery be disconnected? Like to not reset the battery management to thinking it has a brand new battery?

Have seen conflicting info about this all from 30 mins to never, as in it has to be reset manually.
In some cars you can connect an old traditional style charger to the battery cables to feed power when the battery is disconnected but
no way I am doing that with this car, too much electronics and really not a lot of room to maneuver around the battery.

Seen the battery removal video so should be good, but have to say how disappointed I am with arrangement Volvo has gone with.
It is way easier to remove the battery on larger Volvos so the limited space in this might be the culprit.

My battery is about three years old and had to charge it last week because the fuel driven heater stopped working, "power saving mode" it said (translated).
Having not read the manual or this forum for info, I charged the battery directly from the terminals 🤦‍♂️
Still some more "battery saving mode" so had to look into this and after charging the battery properly with negative to the frame, all seems to be good... for now at least.
Any good guesses, could I have damaged something or did the battery management "update" when the last charge went properly through the shunt?
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