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Buying used: 2015 T2 (2.0 VEA) Kinetic or 2013 D3 (2.0 5 cyl) Momentum

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Hey guys,

I was looking around the market for some V40's and I found and am interested in these two options.

Both of them are rather higher milage - both 160.000 km / 100.000 miles, both of them 2.0 (petrol is VEA and Diesel is 5 cyl), both manual.

Was just wondering, because I'm still not sure, about which model / engine to choose, mostly depending on the cost to run and service. I want a car that, if I take care of it as it should be, will last and be kept in the family (wife etc.) I live in a city where parking is a problem so I will probably not be using it that much to go around the city (maybe going 1x-2x a week shopping) and 1-2x a month a 700km / 400 miles (trip + small driving around) round the country (so I am unsure if I will be able to have the cost effectiveness of a diesel ?? ) Isn't the mileage of 160.000km / 100.000 too much??

Please, advise :LOL:

(First 3 photos - black are the D3 and other 3 - red are T2)
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the 5 cylinder diesel is without question the better engine, but if driving short distances you may have dpf issues with any modern diesel. Both engines, and the V40 in general is no problem at 100k especially if looked after previously. Also, brakes, and suspension are FORD sourced, so maintenance or repair is easy to do without specialists. Hope this helps
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Give the underside a look for signs of fluid leaks, try a cold start and watch for excess smoke from the exhaust. Look around the engine bay for signs of leaks or new shiny bits, ask about them if you see any. Be sure to check for poor body repairs, look for even panel gaps and check carefully for colour match and overspray. I'd look at the tyres, are they the same brand, if not it might have been maintained on a budget, and check the history carefully. dont be afraid to phone the garages if details are there to confirm the work. Drive it, look for straight steering, even braking and try a route youre familiar with if you can. Best of luck, keep us updated, and hopefully look forward to your new car
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So.. went to see both and waste of time to even write about it :rolleyes:

black D3 - came an hour earlier to find the guy doing stuff (prep. to cover up something etc.) on the car :poop: the engine was far from running smoothly and most probably has at least 2x the mileage, have not seen the service card because of some excuses.

red T2 - the cas had everything in proper way (services, stuff replaced) only if the car was in “proper shape” - all ruffed up, haven’t seen a body panel without a dent or a scratch, poor V40, would love to buy and refresh + dame engine as T4 so potential for better power, but even thought the red one costs 1.500€ less it’s probably not worth it and god kniws what other problems would come up.
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man, what you’re talking about - these models are Volvo engines. Don’t make us think that we can not take anything you write seriously.. I’m sorry that you had bad luck with your choice but it’s normal. I myself would like a Mazda 3 but I’ve also heard some bad experiences about those.. Sometimes buying a car is more like a coin toss…
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Ok , I have cooled down a bit after an exchange between me a the complaints department ( VOLVO , Sweden Headquarters).
I wish you luck with Your car , it still has the looks .
I had only 3 cars before , and nothing went wrong , including a Honda which haven’t missed a beat in over 5 years .
Comparing this this , this car is a punishment for all my sins , past and the future ones .
Yes , it must be a bad luck .
And when You spend now over 2 grands in 2 years and the car is still a pile **** , Your flustration will come out one day .
That’s my story .
As I said , best of luck to You .
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I am back from Volvo customer battle ,
Nothing will be repaired, they asked me even to beg for a discount.
You are happy to buy it , ok.
If it brakes , if someone someone will to sell a kidney to afford repair as it will be always with original parts ( forget your mechanics / mates )
Daylight robbery and VAT and the top
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The V40 is a dinosaur. The C40 will replace this old beast. Volvo will only be making electric cars by 2030.

Volvo is owned by Geely
Geely Holding has established R&D and design centres globally in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Gothenburg, Coventry, California, Frankfurt, etc., with more than 20,000 R&D and design personnel and more than 14,000 innovation patents. Geely Holding operates world-class vehicle and powertrain manufacturing plants in China, U.S., U.K., Sweden, Belgium, and Malaysia, meanwhile owning a worldwide sales and service network comprised of more than 4,000 branches.

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