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Dear fellow owners of V40’s.
I wanted to share the following 2 comments with the audience.
1.- There is no indicator on the instrument panel, if the dipped beam is “on”, when the Light Switch is on the “Auto” position. The only way to see if the dipped beam is “on” (e.g. when into a tunnel), is to look if the very-very small LED is lit (or not). This LED is right above the circular light switch.
But (in my humble opinion) I think this is a VERY SAD & unfortunate design decision by Volvo. Because this LED … is located at the lower part of the dashboard … it is well hidden behind the direction indicator lever (the stalk switch) … and you cannot look at it, without taking your eyes completely off the road. It is not hard to imagine a road accident, just because the driver attention was distracted by trying to see if his lights went “on” (!!!!).
Personally I really cannot believe that Volvo made such a design decision, especially for a model that is seen as … “the safest production car of 2013” … !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2.- And there is another problem as well.
If you park the car and forget the dipped beam lights to “on” (I mean to “on”, not to “auto”) and then you leave your car and lock it … there is no alarm ringing, a beeping sound, etc… to notify the driver, that the lights were left on. So when you return to the car, your main battery may (potentially) be gone !!!
Once again, I cannot understand the logic, behind Volvo’s decisions in this matter. Could it be cost savings, or what???
Athens, Greece
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