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I drove over to Warwick yesterday morning to drop off my V50 and collect my new V40. I was given a 20 minute intro to the car and once I had signed off the inspection of the old car I was free to drive it for the first time.

I've now done just over 500 miles and my first impressions are it's the best car I've driven in terms of the overall experience and I am happy with my choice of options.

I had a 400 mile round trip to Darlington today and it performed faultlessly, except for 2 minor occurences. The radar for the Adaptive Cruise Control stops working when covered in snow and the view from the rear camera is a little fuzzy with 500 miles of road dirt on it.

Tha adaptive cruise is excellent, I covered nearly 100 miles down the A1 without touching the brake or throttle. Driverless cars cannot be too far away.

I found instructions on a forum showing how to take Google Earth outputs and turn them into POI for the sat nav, well worth a look if you visit places regularly for work/leisure.

I will post some pics once the weather improves and I've cleaned it.
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