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Hello everybody, I'm the owner of a T4 Volvo v40 with the Ford engine. (2015 model with 75k miles)
In my last half-year, I'm getting low coolant level warnings in harsh turns that getting along in a straight line. I saw posts about this issue but in my case, I was really starting to lose coolant. Every 3 weeks I used to fill it to the max and it got down to the min but never got into a situation that that tank is empty.

in the last 2 weeks, the situation has Escalated with the tempo of coolant losing so I looked at the coolant system and found a crack in my expansion tank and the coolant is going out of it. Does anybody run into this problem in the v40?
I live in a relatively hot country (Israel) so it needs to be taken into account. I also check in Israeli communities but found nothing (It is a small community. less than 2000 cars were sold here).

So I ordered a new expansions tank, Do I have to worry about something else or it is a common thing to replace this tank?
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