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Whilst driving home this evening, the auto lights went to switch the headlights on as it was getting dark, and the warning "Dipped beam malfunction" showed up on the dash and neither of my dipped beam bulbs turned on. Manually toggling the switch off and on also did nothing. The high beam/main beam bulbs work fine still, as do the parking/position lights. It's been raining all night so I haven't had a chance to pull out the headlights and see if the bulbs are blown yet, I'll check in the morning, but they were both working fine last night so I find it strange they would both blow at the exact same moment. I've had a flip through the owners manual and can't see anything about a specific fuse for the dipped beams, only the main beams which still seem to work fine. I'll pull the headlights out tomorrow and check the bulbs, but any help/guidance on troubleshooting this would be greatly appreciated (I have the halogen headlamps).



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