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I received my V40 D3 G/T on Monday this week and love it more every time I drive it, the only thing that's a bit annoying however is that I like to have my side of the cabin set to 'HI' (or hot) through only the 'body' vents thereby pointing them towards my hands, and the passenger side of the cabin set to 'low' or cold.

Here's the problem; When I set both zones to hot, I get hot air out of all 4 vents along the dashboard (as it should be) BUT when i set the passengers side to LO and the drivers side to HI I only get 1 vent (the closest to the window) blowing hot, and the other 3 are all blowing cold :(

surely the drivers two next to the steering wheel should blow hot and the passengers two blow cold!? It doesn't seem dual when there's bias..

does this happen with everyone else?
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