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Fantastic service from Volvo Assist

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I thought I'd share a recent experience I had with Volvo Assist on my 2016 V40 T3, as it was an amazing bit of customer care

I'd bought my V40 in March from a Volvo dealer in West Wales (Lloyd Motors, 60 miles away in Aberaeron) under the "selekt" approved used scheme. A couple of weeks ago I went to drive it out of the garage and I found the driver's side front coil spring had decided to break and jam itself in to the front face of the tyre.

The next morning I called the dealer I bought it off, who advised me to call up Volvo assist. The upshot was that my V40 got collected at a time convenient to me and trucked to the nearest Volvo dealer (Rybrook Chester, 40 miles away) and was dropped off on the Friday morning of a Bank Holiday weekend.

On the Tuesday I call up, fully expecting my car not to be ready, but it was all good to go that morning. I then called Volvo Assist to ask what the deal was with collecting the car fully expecting to have to sort my own transport to Chester, and they confirm they're sending me a taxi! One 40 mile taxi trip later and I've got my car back, a new spring and tyre (as it had done very few miles since being fitted at the last service in November) and a suspension alignment, all covered by the Volvo Assist and Selekt warranties.

Now I'm sure seasoned Volvo owners are not surprised by this, but for someone used to buying sub £2k bangers this level of customer care was a revelation!
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On the whole I've found them to be hit and miss.
For example the night I had a blowout and found the wheel had galvanically welded itself to the hub when I tried to change it.
The guy Volvo sent to help decided to persuade the wheel off with a hammer - ruining the rim. However after sending Volvo assist the photos they arranged to replace the wheel.

Or the time when one of the brakes seized mid-journey, despite my telling them what the issue was they sent a guy out who tried to reset a seized front brake caliper with an OBD tool - before deciding that yes the brake was seized and my car needs to be recovered - only that his vehicle wasn't big enough to do the recovery leading to a 3 hour wait for a bigger truck. (but again they redeemed themselves when the driver that came to take the car to the Volvo garage brought the parts with him and fitted them on the drive as it was quicker.)
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Always nice to read a story of success. Personally, I'm unable to say they were of any use or not after picking up 2 punctures that rapidly deflated on a country road. After over 15 mins of "sorry we cant find you on our system" they eventually agreed I had cover through Selekt and then couldnt find the road name despite me being stood next to the road sign and reading the thing out to them. After some time they found the details and I waited for help to arrive... Thankfully I stumbled across a traditional customer friendly village garage, who advised not to bother waiting for recovery, loaned me a car, rang the assistance to cancel then took mine in and had it ready for the next night.
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