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Fuel consumption after oil and filter change

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Hi everyone. I am new to the fórum and would appreciate some advice. I own a Volvo v40 d2 hatchback 2013 with 190000km now (diesel) I felt that my petrol consumption increased since it turned around 175000 so I asked my mechanic to change the oil, the oil filter and the air filter. After this revision, consumption turned even worse. I live in an island where I need to use 2nd gear sometimes for a long time due to the hills. When I’m using 2nd guear, my average consumption according to the board panel is around 26km/l. It’s a lot. It has never been like this. When on the motorway, flat surface, using 4 and 5th guear the average consumption is 7km/l. Sorry for my bad English. What could this be? And why my oil change and filters made it worse?
Below is the oil they used ACEA A5/B5 compatible but not Volvo recommended.
Best wishes from Portugal
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Wow that is a big increase. If the oil used was thicker like 5w40 then you would see an increase, but not so much. Volvo recommends over 100 000km, A3/B4.
I would start with checking there is no obstruction where the air filter is, maybe starving the car of air.
Is the power the same?

Do you sometimes drive the car a little harder, to burn off gunk and stuff? A car being driven slow all the time gets clogged up, and reduces performance and causes more fuel use.
You should take it for a spirited drive, see if that helps. I think yours uses a filling agent to help the regen of DPF. Get on the highway, 30 km, and drive with rpm above, I think 3000 or above constant.

If that does not help, I would start cleaning the Throttle valve, EGR valve....intercooler, and all the sensors that goes with it.
Also do a turbo clean with Wins Carbon Buster. I did a post about it, and the improvements I got, doing that, and cleaning everything.

Diesels are dirty engines if not cleaned and maintained. Especially EGR etc, they get clogged, and causes issues.
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The 3km high consumption could be the car doing its dpf regen? just a thought...
On a non Volvo, I remembered after going for it's first service, the consumption went noticeablly up. The oil from the factory was Castrol (and I serviced it at 21 months / 10k miles) it was on long life 24 months / 20k miles, dealer replaced it with Texaco oil. Consumption was worse. Alternatively perhaps you could fill a full tank once with super expensive diesel, to see if it helps.
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