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Fuel neck hose 30875010

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I鈥檝e had terrible trouble getting hold of a replacement one of these for my 1999 V40 T XS!!!!
Any ideas gratefully received! 馃槪
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Hi, this forum is for the 2013 onwards V40. However I've had a look and it appears to be a discontinued part from Volvo in Europe.

AllCarPartsFast list it and are showing a sale price of 拢5.58 but say to contact them for availability. Has to be worth a try, but their business model is online delivery of OEM parts, so I suspect they may also say it is discontinued. OTOH the cheap price they are showing (see below for comparisons) might mean they have stock that they want to get rid of. If you don't ask etc..

FCP Euro (a US Volvo specialist) are showing stock, but at a price of $74.99 plus shipping. International shipping is calculated when you place an order on their website.

There are other US Volvo parts suppliers showing stock. Crest Volvo in Texas also show stock at $73.67 plus international shipping charges.

All I've done is search Google for "Volvo 30875010". There are other results returned, so if you do the same and spend a bit more time browsing, you might come up with other alternatives.

If you have a traditional (aka old-fashioned) motor factors nearby, it may be worth taking the old hose to them and seeing if they can match it. My local MF stock a range of generic hoses. If they can match the diameter and degree of bend, even if the hose they have is longer, it can always be cut down to size.

Also search for "fuel tank filler hoses made to order". You will find a range of generic options including flexible hoses of various diameters.

Good luck.
Ah sorry didn鈥檛 realise there was a year !!!
Anyway thank you for taking the time to respond- I鈥檝e tried all the Google searches- have had to go to Germany for it- gobsmacked that a simple bit of hose is impossible to find in the uk!!!!
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It might be worth looking at Mitsubishi Carisma hoses as they were a joint project built in the same factory and share some parts.
Thanks- I鈥檒l follow this up
I didn't mention that, because I assumed that the Carisma would suffer from the same parts unavailability, being as production stopped at a similar time. But it appears that the Carisma hose was also used on the Pajero/Shogun and is still available, part no. 05014.

SG Petch have them in stock at 拢34.78 plus VAT and delivery, but whether it is identical to, and/or will fit the Mk1 V40 can probably only be verified by trying to fit it.

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RS3100- I鈥檒l have a closer look- thanks again!
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