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Sorry it's late guys but Heikkir put list of his previous cars on his into and thought it a neat idea.

Car is in order (as a few of you already know) and it will be my first Volvo experience.

Previously Owned (in order)...

Ford Escort MkII 1600 Sport (First Car) - Cost me a fortune
Ford XR2 - bought 3m old - saved me a fortune
VW Beetle 1300 - bought £280, sold £1250
VW Beetle 1300 - bought £80, sold £250
Renault 5 TS - rubber band suspension but willing engine
Ford Escost MkII 1600 Ghia - Not brill bough for G/F at the time
Peugeot 205 1.1 - Bought 12m old when skint and let me save some money
Ford XR2i - New, Never took to it like I did the previous XR2
Ford Orion 1.6Si - New, Nice motor in Electric blue
Ford Modeo 2.0 Si - New, Had 15 years, passed on to mum&dad who ran it another 6 years, Mobil 1 from new 320k miles and didn't use a drop of oil
Rover 'something' - crap company car
Audi A3 2.0 est - company car
* Honda Civic Type R - new, Fun pocket rocket and enthusiast car - probaly best car to date [Owned at same time as the following 3]
* Kazsaki ZX6R J2 Ninja - Fun personnified but dangerous with today's drivers
* Ford Escort Mk III 1.6D - Shed to park in risk places (due to work)
* Landrover Freelender 2.0L Sport Premium - New, had to play to get it right but good therafter [Only one of these four I went on to keep for another 9 years]
Honda 1.6iDtec SR Civic - new, mistake (rectified)
Dihatsu fourtrack - borrowing awaiting Volvo

Think that is them all

Over the years I have seen a lot of good things (and 4x as many bad) on furums, they are an excellent way to communicate, gain strength with issues, share experiences and tips - love them and thank you for letting me in (you may come to regret it in time ;)).

General management, Design Engineering & IT background, petrolhead, perfectionist & family man.

Always been in and around cars since 17 (on and off track), love karts too. Did Gumball 2000 in 2005 in a Noble M400 (400 bhp/ton)

Jon F
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Oops - Forgot...

Ford Focus ST170 before the Type R

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Its interesting to see the range and differences in the cars we have as we get older and our needs change.
I've had a wide range of vehicles depending on my situation, so here goes.

Datsun 1200 coupe, as an apprentice mechanic it wasn't standard for long, ending up with a highly tuned 1500 engine ruining with twin 45 weber dcoe carbs,
Nissan cherry N10 coupe
Nissan patrol swb to tow my race cars, lancia delta, Talbot sunbeam x2 (patrol stayed until the escort van)
Datsun 260z
Datsun 260z 2+2
Mitsubishi saporro turbo a nice pillar less coupe tithe big turbo punch
Ford escort mk3 van to carry race cart to meetings
Ford sierra estate 1800gl probably my worst ever choice
VW passat estate mk2
Audi 80
Audi 80 2800 quattro, very nice
VW passtat mk3
Audi A4 1900 TDI, sold on to sister at 160000 mile still going strong
Now company cars:
Skoda superb 1900 TDI (Huge)
BMW 318 saloon (very Average)
318 special edition estate (again average)
Peugeot 508 sw (2nd worse car, strange gearbox)
Seat Leon Copa 1600 ecomotive (fun)

Presently driving

Volvo V40 D2 in rebel blue
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