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Hello Folks

Thought I ought to post to say "Hi" as I have a V40 D2 SE Lux on order (ordered 23rd September) that I am looking forward to getting hold of!!

As a high mileage company car driver, I am looking forward to posting on here regarding the car, I have previously had 4 other Volvos (including the original V40 and also V70) and found all to be safe and extremely durable plus I like something a little more individual than the "Blandwagen" alternatives.

Just wish our fleet department would email to let me know when the car is going to arrive:huh:
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Hey Spike welcome:)

Most of us are still waiting our car just like you so we really know how hard this waiting time is:)

You have a lot of Volvo experience so I guess all us who decided to move from other brands to Volvo will be very happy in the end. I am replacing a bmw series 1 with the v40 t4 which I fell in love with the first time I saw it:)
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