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Identifying screws in engine bay

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Hi all,

I purchased a v40 d2 SE Nav LUX 63 last year, and I am really happy with the car, however, the car had been in a small front-end crash (passenger side) and had been repaired. I haven't noticed any issues with the car since driving, but after giving the car a thorough inspection, I have noticed that they're parts actually missing form the engine bay. I have identified the parts missing and they're just a couple of small plastic parts that were presumably broken during the crash, and whoever has fixed the car up didn't see them as necessary to repair. Obviously I want to return the car back to 100% so I am trying to replace all missing parts. I have since procured the majority of them, but I am struggling with some of the engine bay screws, and hoping someone can help.

The parts that were missing:
. Air intake duct cover (31319375)
. Air filter support bracket (31325044)
. Few other small parts such as bonnet stop / battery cover

I have all these parts but cannot find the screws that are needed to fit them. I have attached an image with the required fittings highlighted. I need the 4 screws necessary to fit the duct cover, the 2 screws necessary to fit the air filter bracket, as well as the additional screw to fit an electrical part to that bracket, which is currently just hanging loose. I also need the push pins that fix the top of the bumper, as mine is missing a couple. Does anyone know where I can get these new, or have a part number for them?

Appreciate any help
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Oh, this version of the V40 actually has a dip stick to measure oil level!
the main dealer would be useful, theres a
Oh, this version of the V40 actually has a dip stick to measure oil level!
yep. its the Ford / psa unit
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I think that anyway, in Volvo you only get all the bits and screws if you order a complete kit of the pieces or components without screws, you have a purchase code of a complete kit.
Otherwise, it's difficult.

Volvo engines only have oil level in dashboard and a small stick in engine bay for the maintenance guys to check it.
That picture is from a 1.6 Hdi PSA engine that comes with a traditional oil stick (y)
Thanks for the replies everyone, I have managed to find what I need from Volvo Parts Shop - Volvo Car Parts, Spares, Accessories, Genuine Volvo, UK Based, Online.
They don't list everything on the site, but if you email them they send a custom quote. Nuts, bolts & washers came to £30 with delivery, so not to bad.
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