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Has anyone suffered an injector failure? I just have on a D2 2014, the electronic part apparently!
Main dealer didn't have one in stock as 'such a rare occurrance' and another dealer said 'they never fail??'

I have read that poor fuel can be a cause, although maybe not for the electronic part, a bit ironic as I filled up at a BP station with a higher grade fuel than normal before the trip.

The failure I had, apart from complete lack of power in the 3rd lane on a very busy motorway, brought up a message 'DSTC turned off then 'DTSC service required' neither of which, I would have thought, would point to an injector, but that's what the diagnostics said ...

With said part changed the car is now mobile again, although I feel very apprehensive that another injector may fail ... but then they never go wrong, do they! ;)

Forgot to mention, this was at 17,000 miles and no, not all sooted up!
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