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Hello to all,

Recently in driving, I got an error on the table:

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While I'm driving, I saw my turbo is not functioning. When I stop my car and turn the engine off, then start the car, the turbo is back, but maybe after 10 km, the error is there again :(

Friends told me your DPF is dirty, you need to clean it off or drive the car on the Autobahn in 3rd gear at 3000 rpm for 10 minutes and you'll see black smoke from the exhaust, then everything will be fine. Unfortunately, I listened to them and did this, but the car in 6th gear goes maximum to 140 km/h on the Autobahn. Also, I spotted when I drove it aggressively, the error does not appear. When I'm driving in hills, the car starts to hiccup, I gave him more gas on the pedal, then is OK, but error is soon on the table again :/

Since I need to go to a mechanic to change the oil and filters anyway, I asked him about this problem. When I opened the hood, the mechanic asked me: How is your car going (he laughs at me)? Then I started to talk about turtle error, when he point me: "Just look at the hose pipe man". :)

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My Intercoole Turbo Hose Pipe was cracked :/
When I replace the hose, my Volvo V40 D2 1.6 Hdi goes as smoothly as before.
Moral message to all: When you saw the turtle on the screen, don't listen to anyone, go to your mechanic to check it for you.
When you ignore the turtle error, your DPF filer will be dirtier with time and probably the car will use more gas.
Since your turbo is off, it is very dangerous to cross other cars on the road, cause car does not have kick power and did not go smoothly.

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Position of the Intercooler Turbo Hose Pipe under the hood.

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