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Hi all! Recently became a V40 (2014 D4 model) owner and couldn't be happier with my new car! 馃槉

After doing some research online, I realised that there are some easy upgrades I can do myself to the interior. Walking you through these below.

What I'm looking for is the parts number for the new parts I wish to change. Tried checking with the local dealer (in Malta) and I was told they would need either the specific part numbers or else the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a model which is similar to mine (which I think they meant year, 5-door, automatic D4 and steering wheel on the right hand side) and has these trims from stock.

While I'm here, if anyone knows anywhere I can buy these online (within the EU), that would be great, as I feel they would be cheaper than from the local dealer.

Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated as well!

Door & Dashboard Chrome Trim
The ones I have seem to be made out of plastic which is sprayed silver (see photos below).

I feel like this makes the interior less upmarket than it actually is. So after finding that there are some models which have them in metal/chrome (similar to the a/c vents), I thought I'd switch mine to the chrome ones. Also found a YouTube video walking you through how to go about this and it seems like a pretty easy upgrade to do.

Part Numbers Required: Chrome trim for all 4 doors and chrome trim above glove-box.

Brushed Metal Waterfall Centre Console
Same here, mine is the black plastic centre console with the plastic silver trim, which looks a bit dull in my opinion (attaching photo below).

I'd like to change this to the brushed aluminium one with the chrome trim around it. Also found a YouTube video on how to do this. It does seems slightly more complicated however still looks doable (P.S. - I have no experience doing these sort of DIY jobs).

All I need in my case is the trim as I don't need to replace any of the buttons/controls - all are working perfectly fine and they seem to be the same on all models.

Part Numbers Required: Brushed aluminium trim for centre console and chrome surrounding trim.

Rear Theatre Lights
While I do have the front theatre lights, the rear ones on my V40 are just door lights and do not have the same ambient LED as in the front (even though there is the hole, which I find a bit odd).

Also found an easy guide on how to switch this with theatre lights.

My understanding is that the wiring is all there and you just need to take the old one out and plug in the new one.

Part Numbers Required: Rear light with theatre/ambient light (in white trim not black).

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The p/n for roof light is 31305649 (grey interior color roof)

Thanks haralabosg! Unfortunately it seems like the item is not available anymore, but I was able to find this store who has it in stock Interior light Roof section rear middle 31305649 (1076578)

Never bought anything from them but reached out to them to see if they can help me identify the rest of the parts.
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