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Jimmy from Belgium

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Hi guys, I'm Jimmy and I'm from Belgium. I got here while wondering across the interwebz :)
I also am on the Dutch forum, the one where MichelR is from ;-)

I will soon be driving a Volvo V40 D2 Momentum Caspian Blue with black T-Tec interior, with some extra's, such as digital dashboard, Bi-Xenon, High performance audio, RTI,... no leather seats tough.

I got this car as a company car, so I got the most out of my budget :)

10 years ago, I learnt how to drive in a 1990 Volvo 740 Turbo 16 Valve Estate (200 bhp) that belonged to my father. So one could say I inherited the Volvo-virus from my dad :)
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Welcome to the forums Jimrask. Let us know how you get on with the Bi-Xenon bendy headlights...If you can stay up that late to try them out :)
And, of course all the guys on here will want to know how frugal the D2 is in the real world, me included.
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Hi Jimrask welcome to the forum. I also liked the bendy headlights but chose leather instead... mine is a company car too, company gave me a budget, the money I don't spend they give me in cash so had to be quite ruthless with extras!

When is you're delivery date?
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Welkom.. :) me forum lid.

How long you still have to wait?.
My V40 D2 Summum will be arriving this week at the dealer if all goes well..

Then 1 week for putting on Exterior stylingkit and sharkvin spoiler.. And also the Protech treatment.
So hope to drive it in 2 weeks.

Also got the xenon bending lights and curious how that will be.
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Be interesting to hear your opinion of the Protech treatment Michel.
I had it on a Ford Fiesta Zetec S (in Black) and to be honest I still had to wash it just as much.
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Got also Protech on my current Passion Red C30 (bought new 2 years ago)
Only thing I have to do is spray it off with high pressure and use sponge to clean once a month.. Depending on dirty roads..

Still very happy with it. No waxing or so on.
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Hi Guys, normally, I'll have mine in week 42, around October 15th that is. I'll let you know my first impressions as soon as I can :)
@Maxim ==>
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due to a problem with the delivery of the car (long story short: they "forgot" to install quite a few options I ordered in the factory, which could not be installed afterwards (Xenon's,...) so they ordered the car again and gave me a C30 to drive with during the time I had to wait again.) I don't have the car yet.
Normally, if all goes well, I can pick up my car finally this Friday :)
to compensate me for the longer waiting period, they gave me a huge reduction on a leather interior which I took as well, as it fitted in my budget with this reduction :)
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