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I have now two times in two months experienced the same mysterious loud humming noise from my Volvo V40 D2 2017.

Both times I have been driving in the city and the engine is warm. But suddenly, when accelerating with normal speed, after holding still in a traffic light, it sounds like the engine has been replaced by a V6. It has a deep low frequency noise and sounds like it has a small hole in the exhaust. It goes on continuously for about 15/20 minutes while still driving in the city with start and stops and the noise follows the engines RPM. I tried to turn the engine off and on, but it went on.

But all sudden, the noise just goes away, and nothing to hear the rest of the journey.

I have taken a short video, but unfortunately it is a bit hard to hear it, due to the low frequency.

But have any of you ever experienced something similar, or have any tips to how I can try to recreate? I have a hard time to convince the dealer to take this seriously, because they cannot hear anything is wrong.

If any questions at all, feel free to ask. 😊

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