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MY 2018, T3 1.5 geartronic

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Hi everyone,

i recently took ownership of a 2018 T3, 1.5 geartronic.
the car currently has 88k kM (55k miles)

the car was serviced regularly at a private garage and i took to a Volvo specialist
and had all fluids and filters replaced (engine oil, break fluid, fuel, air and pollen + atf fluid) - all Volvo original parts.

i also fitted 4 new Michelin pilot sports (16 inch wheels) and had the wheels aligned.

coming from a decade of Tsi manual transmission vehicles im a bit overwhelmed by the fuel consumption, but reading previous posts, I see that it’s a common issue.

my 1st question refers to automatic gear shifts(6 speed aisin-warner); in low rev city driving up shifts between 2nd and 3rd are a bit jerky whilst if I were at mid-range to high revs then it’s much smoother.
i can also feel the downshifts when decelerating - the garage found nothing wrong mechanically and scanning the ecu brought up no faults. Gear/engine mounts as well the driveshafts were given the all clear as well - but I still expected smoother shifts - any ideas?

my 2nd question is regarding vibrations coming from body/floor of the car at around 55-65 mph whilst accelerating Which I thought the new tires + high speed alignment would rectify, but it didn’t.

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morning! I cant comment of your gearchanges as I've not driven an auto V40, but the XC40 and V60 are faultless. if your TSi was the VW then yes, they do change well. the vibrations at 55-65 would concern me... sometimes it could be just a heat shield loose, the exhaust misaligned, drive shafts can become bent and therefor unbalanced or a gearbox/engine mounting ?
have you tried different gears, that might help eliminate the powertrain or body
I have a T3 1.5 with the automatic box - it shifts very smoothly at all speeds as far as I can tell. Sorry that’s not much help, but it sounds like our experiences are quite different.

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