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Many things i did't know when i bought my 2014 v40 D2 kinetic ,how hard it could be to add or change things on.But i write these words just because i believe that knowledge and experience has to be shared.
1) my first add on was that nickel/chromium door trim found it on ali express.
Wheel Car Vehicle Tire Land vehicle
and after
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

2) second modified was rear bumper spoiler i always wanted the look of r design but i tried something different first.
this is how it originally was
Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Car Automotive tail & brake light

and then i gave a paintjob on that spoiler
Car Vehicle Tire Vehicle registration plate Wheel

better than before but i was not happy.
i red and search a lot when finally i found a used one in a good condition on polish market site ''alegro''
i painted myself this time and also purchase two end pipes .i ask local exhaust stores for that modification but they ask a lot of money to retrofit and double the hidden pipe so ι fitted them on car chassis just for image.
Car Land vehicle Tire Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

3) i change the rubber pedal covers with aluminium and also purchased that footrest with r design emlem frm ebay.It's not visible very well on the pics.That aren't totaly the same but i think they fit together for more sportif style.
Automotive design Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Grey Vehicle door
Shoe Hood Vehicle Automotive tire Dress

more mods loading
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