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Newbie looking for advice

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Hi All,
I've been a reader for a while but never posted and I'm searching for some help.
I recently traded in my D4 R-Design with low mileage for a D3 SE Nav with high mileage as I could no longer afford to pay the finance payments following home renovations.

One of the things that annoys me is the large black sensor on the front grille, I believe this is for the equally annoying BLIS safety system. Does anybody know I was to replace the grill, would that send the car into a frenzy of warnings as I've removed the sensor, or is it simply not possible to remove the sensor?

Ironically my 2nd question is around the City Safety Sensor, I have the warning light on at the moment. Straight after a local mechanic replaced my ABS sensor as I had a warning light for that too. They struggled to find an error when they plugged in their diagnostic tool. Does this have to be a Volvo specific diagnostic tool, they seemed to think it might be?
Many thanks!
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hi, I'm certain youll have a warning frenzy if you remove that sensor, at least its not as ugly as the newer Audi items...
I also had issues with snap-on scanners and other readers coming up with issues, they failed to identify a dtc for fuel pressure which the Volvo tool found instantly. Oddly, one scanner on an older C30 wouldnt read anything until we manually said the vehicle was a berlingo van :) . Cars, hate them!
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The sensor in the grill has nothing to do with BLIS, but provides info to:
  • Distance Warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Collision Warning with Auto Brake and Pedestrian Detection
If you remove it you will lose these functions and I am very sure that it will generate lots of errors and as they are safety related items your insurance company may take a dim view of their disconnection in the event of an accident.
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your insurance company may take a dim view of their disconnection in the event of an accident.
Absolutely correct.
In a previous employment I supplied a full front end back to chassis rails to repair an R8, retail job as the insurance refused to pay. The driver aids were manually turned off...
Thank you all for your prompt replies!
Ok, that's fair enough, the sensor could be worse.

Also I think I'll take it to a dealership to clear the City Safety Sensor then, thanks so much for your guidance
Make Shure you refinance your house, to be able to clear those codes
Where I live it's like owning a Porsche
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