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Hi to all you new or soon to be V40 owners,

have ordered a new V40 D2 SE in polar white and rear park assist which im glad to say will be collecting tomorrow morning yipeeeeee.

Have had 4 volvos in total which were the 480 es , 2 x V40 2ltr and the fantastic S60 D5,

Would of liked the V40 D4 lux but my budget doesnt stretch that far at the moment but will get one in the future.

Have one question if i may,dealer rang me 2 days ago to inform me that the rear park sensors they had ordered were not compatiable with mine they said it needed a module to lower the stereo volume when in reverse,they said they would fit their own but this wouldnt turn volume down.Now i used to build cars from a factory and we used to put all the wire harnesses which had the wiring for the options as standard whether or not you had any extras added,as this would make it easier to add extras at a later date,so is the dealer correct and volvo save money on the extra cable.

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