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I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced issues with a thud/clunk noise from the front left. I picked up a v40 t5 2017 a week ago(very excited), its got 25k miles on the clock, its got the factory 19 inch ARTIO wheels.
So far I have hear the noise 4 times, each time its been after the car been cold started, either in the morning or after its been parked for several hours and the temperature is a bit cold (say 3-7 degrees C). Car into drive, full steering lock towards the right to pull away and then after about 1-3 meters of travel there is a distinctive noise from the front right, it sounds like the wheel is almost coming unseated from the tyre or the suspension is settling or something in the bearing or strut but not sure. The experience from inside the car is as though the front left is being driven off a 2cm curb and you get a sensation of the car settling. But of course after a quick inspection the tyre is fully seated and full of air and there is no '2cm curb' the road is flat.
So far every time its been a right lock on the steering wheel either when pulling away or a turn in the road having just started the car after being parked up for several hours.
With closer inspection there does not seem to be any rubbing of the tyre on the wheel arch at all from what I can see.
I remember seeing a steering setting in the menu which I believe is set to high, I have not really had a chance to test this out in general and in relation to this issue.

I'm hoping to get the volvo dealer to look at it but wanted to try out as much as I can to see whats going on or if anyone has any similar experiences.
Any ideas?
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