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Noise from the back of the engine

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Hi, I’m completely new to Volvo, and just bought 66plate v40 d2 2.0 manual with 125k miles on the clock. Drove it one for 200miles and found a problem. Car is driving like new and no codes in ECU. However you can hear quite loud knock from the read of the engine when stationary. If i drive or rev up noise is disappearing. The knock is coming and going when idling (2sec noise 2 sec no noise) when noise is active rpms are going slightly down however with clutch fully depressed the noise is disappearing completely and car is ticking as it should.
Please share your ideas and support.
many thanks
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Hi, a little difficult without actually hearing it, but my first port of call would be the flywheel assembly. If bought from a garage or trader you may be able to ask them to sort it... especially with 200 miles covered.
If it is the flywheel, most will replace the clutch too, and its worth replacing the release bearing while it's being done... keep us posted
It looks like the seller will contribute towards the repair. Still waiting for last decision. Do you know part number or where i can buy crankshaft rear main seal?
Many thanks
Volvo dealer or SKANDIX

New seals are dry-fitted PTFE seals without a garter spring. A special tool is required to fit them and there is a specific procedure to follow to prevent the possibility of leaks after reassembly, including not turning the crankshaft for 8 hours after fitting. They have been modified in production as the original traditional type seals are prone to developing leaks.

Buying from Volvo or Skandix will ensure that you get the correct part, and I believe the OEM seal is supplied with the fitting tool.
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