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Hey guys!

I did it again! After I sold my 2014 D3 in 2018 for a 2013 D3 (later polestared to D4) with the Geartronic because of my mileage of around 40000 km per year, I recently stumbled upon my secret dream car, a 2014 5 cylinder T5 in the same beautiful caspian blue with almost all options and only around 90000 km on it. In the end I swapped my D4 for the new T5 and even though I was always very happy with my 5 cylinder diesel... boy what a beast this T5 is. It's amazingly quiet when you drive it gently but starts that addictive low frequency growl when you press the pedal a bit more... stunnig! It's a very rare and beautiful dream car and marks the definitive end of my journey towards the perfect V40. I hope I never have to sell it and will drive it till death do us part (hopefully).
So greetings to all the (few) T5 drivers from a new owner from germany!
Cheers and have a great weekend.
le mOnd
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