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I've got a couple questions... About a month ago I bought a 2004 v40 from a used lot, they were under the hood a couple of time to replace motor mounts, if that's helpful background. A few days ago the check engine light came on and the code reader read PO172.

I found a couple of things, one being this plastic o-ring that won't stay seated. Would this contribute to the code?
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if so, can I replace that with a rubber o-ring if that part is not available?

I also noticed that I only have 2 of 4 air box clips and there is this gap, could that contribute to this issue?
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Checked and cleaned my MAF sensor, there was no visible build up, removed some debris from the air filter box.

New to Volvos, but I've always wanted one! Hoping to keep it around for a long time! Thanks in advance!

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First of all this forum is aimed at owners of the 2012-2019 V40, the 2004 model has a different engine. You also don't say what engine you have? Petrol? Diesel? 4cyl? (I can't remember if the V40 had the 5cyl engine?)

Looking on the internet PO172 is an error saying that the fuel system is running rich... it could be a faulty MAF, a vacuum leak or a fuel problem.

Why not try S40 / V40 '96-'04 General - Volvo Owners Club Forum there will probably be people there who have a better grasp of your model.
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